Social Media Case Study: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Guest Post by: George Cathcart

Social media campaigns are absolutely everywhere now. Seldom that original, and often poorly executed, the space is becoming so turgid with a mix of good, bad, ugly and downright embarrassing examples of campaigns that it’s becoming harder to stand out from the crowd.

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The Swarovski SCVNGR Hunt – Our Impressions

Guest Post by: Ed Thompson

This weekend, FreshNetworks checked out the Swarovski Discover Your Light event, to experience a luxury brand social media campaign using SCVNGR. SCVNGR is a check-in app that sets users tasks or “challenges” to complete at certain locations.

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Ethical WOM?

"Ethics are the bedrock of WOMMA," starts the web page promoting the Word of Mouth Marketing Association's contest to choose the most ethical word-of-mouth, or "WOM" marketing campaigns. I can't help but think that this is like a seance industry recognizing fair treatment of ghosts and phantasms.

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VW Dark Side

Whichever side you're on there's a lot to admire about this campaign from Greenpeace. A smart subversion of the Star Wars theme that VW capitalised on with the well-known (and liked) ad The Force. This morning saw some high profile poster sites being hijacked, quite a few Stormtroopers involved (which created a bit of a stir on the silicon roundabout it seems) and a site launched where you can 'develop your skills as a jedi to help further the rebellion'.

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Topless Jennifer Aniston Revealed

OK, let’s admit something... but let’s whisper it. Sex sells. There... I said it. And I know we all wish that wasn’t the case. We know it’s smutty... it’s a cheap shot at making us interested in a product... but let’s be honest. It sure as hell works.

Marc Babej pointed out in his latest Forbes blog that Smartwater has done a very smart thing using this ploy.

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Campaigns & Ecosystems

From Business Insider:

"Here’s the thing about many social media agencies: they often find themselves in the position of having to polish a turd. You pay them to get the word out about something, but you might not have an actual thing (a “social object” if you will) to talk about. The internet likes to talk about things - cool things, new things, awesome things, shiny things, fun things. Social media agencies don’t make things. They talk about things"

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Out with the Old

Did you notice the lack of inane viral videos of the "Elf Yourself" variety this past holiday season? That video -- in which you can insert your face into a cartoon of a dancing elf and then email it to your friends and enemies alike (see above) -- proved years ago that it could get consumers' attention and spawned lots of knock-offs. My expectation would be that we'd get flooded with them last month.

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Advil Runs Around Mucus

"Don't blame mucus," the Advil Congestion Relief ad campaign declares so it can promote its anti-inflammation properties as a cold medicine. I love it.

The ads are nothing to write home about; the obligatory creative take on the pitch gives us a grubby ethnic-looking guy in a green T-shirt (labeled "Mucus," in case there was any doubt) sitting on or near people suffering from stuffy noses and telling them that their discomfort isn't his fault. Advil is "the right sinus medicine for the real problem," which is swollen nasal passages.

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Converse Domaination

I've seen a few lists of the top 'digital campaigns' of the decade. Most of them feature similar work (Uniqlock and Lucky Switch, BMW Films, Nike+, Whopper sacrifice and subservient chicken, Chalkbot etc). But there's one which has been strangely absent from every list that I've looked at, so it's only right that I recognise it here.

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Skin Whitening, Tanning, and Vaseline’s Controversial Facebook Ad Campaign

Growing up as a white girl in Pennsylvania, I was taught that being tan was beautiful. My wealthier classmates would go on vacations to Florida in the winter, coming back with the most glorious tans. And the moment that it started getting warm, everyone would spend excessive amounts of time outside in an effort to get as dark as possible. I hated this charade for completely banal reasons.
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