Shop for Success: Why You Need to Indulge Yourself

In difficult economic times, it’s tempting, even logical, to watch your purchases carefully. Most people recognize the need to keep up external appearances for, say, a job interview or an important sales call, they may cut back in areas less visible to others by buying generic products instead of brand names.

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Top 100 Engaging Brands on Facebook – A New Metric

Guest Post by: Ed Thompson

Earlier this week Facebook launched a new page measurement which looks at the number of fans who “are talking about” a branded Facebook page.

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Is the Facebook Brand Page Now Dead?

One thing was notably absent from last week’s F8 conference, any discussion of Facebook Pages and how these might change. To date these have looked very similar to individual’s profiles but with the launch of the new Timeline, these now have diverged dramatically. There’s no nice way of saying this – Facebook Pages now look old and behind the times compared with the new Timeline.

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Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom

Book Review: Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy by Martin Lindstrom

Like a surgeon exposing the nasty underbelly of medical malpractice, Martin Lindstrom, branding expert and author of the neuromarketing book Buyology, takes a decidedly consumerist point of view in showing how brands influence and sometimes even control our lives.

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Download Fickle

For every argument that brand value matters (or that brands even exist as logical constructs of any kind whatsoever), there's a simple, stunningly shocking riposte: people don't remember much, and what they do remember doesn’t necessarily affect their behaviors as consumers.

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Four Questions for the Next Year?

Working on a theme for a new slideshow I found that the questions I end with on the final slide of my last presentation, Outside – the future is not in front of us, really do make up for some good, albeit simplistic, but foundational questions for forcing new conceptual thoughts.

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What the World Needs Now: Global Brands for the Global Generation

What is it about being a true global brand these days? Do we still have to think global and act local? Or has the web changed all that, bringing the world together more than ever before?

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Do Brands Disappear?

A company called 24/7 Wall St. has published a list of brands that it predicts will "disappear" in the near future: Sears, Sony Pictures, Nokia, and Saab are among the ten names that are doomed. It' not a bad list, but it could tell us a lot more about brands.

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David Aaker on Brand Relevance

Bright Lights Project: Unilever

You're probably familiar with a number of Unilever's various consumer products brands, from food names like Hellmann's mayonnaise, Lipton tea, and Slim-Fast diet drinks, to its major presence in personal care (Dove, Axe, Pond's). It's kinda like Procter & Gamble only it grew up in Europe and built its empire on an aggregation of locally powerful brand names in each of the countries in which it operates versus P&G's classic topdown strategy of building its global brand names in many of the same countries.

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