The Brand Owners Guide to Joining the Metaverse

by: Gary Hayes

or thirteen non-exhaustive tips for organisations considering becoming stars in the new web 3.0 revolution…


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Tips for Corporate Builds in Second Life

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Chris from One-to-One Interactive writes in with a new report that compares corporate professionally-done (and often committee-approved) builds in Second Life with player-made stuff. Even if you think Second Life is sooo 2007 but are interested in interaction design in general, take a look.

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Benchmarking Brands without Features

by: Mark Rogers

When you are selling a product with features - like a car or a piece of functional equipment - the conversations about your product are very useful and practical. I hate feature X. Why did they add all this new stuff? I can’t figure it out. Why can’t they do the same as product A? With service industries conversations are full of feedback about the minutiae of how the service is delivered, complaints about mistakes, but delight about good things.

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Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass - Week One

Advanced Brand Masterclass Discussion: What Are the Major Challenges with Brand Today?

The Transformation of Luxury Brand Marketing

by: Idris Mootee

There are many good postings to share:

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Luxury Brand Marketing - Marketers Must Read

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Infinite Touch Points

by: David Armano

I am fairly certain that we are moving toward a time where the way we
interact with brands and their products and services will seem infinite.

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Engagement Without Connectivity, It's Just Advertising

by: Scott Goodson

Advertising can suck.

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The New Futurelab 100: Have the Brand Gods Gone Crazy?

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