Top Ten Trends in Marketing Innovation

by: Stefan Kolle

I’ve put together the 10 key trends I see for 2007 in Marketing Innovation. None of these are new, except for Net Promoter Scores which have only been around for a few years.

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The Ten Truths of Branded Storytelling

In our million channel world, it is the brands whose customers tell the best stories, that win.  Yet how often do we give them "real stories" to tell?  How many of the things we communicate make their conversations more interesting?  As I just got invited to the Ogilvy Brussels’ Summer Camp on Storytelling (aka. the best BBQ in town),  I thought this would be a good excuse to give it a shot.

So, … Once upon a time there where Ten Truths of Branded Storytelling …

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Blah... Blah... Blog.

by: David Armano

I love this piece from Hugh.  It perfectly sums up the state of the industry—and I think it provides an insight as to why blogs among other "social network" platforms are being embraced in mainstream fashion.

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