agile planning

Designing For Agility. Not Just Speed.

Agility is increasingly moving from being an ad hoc approach used for capturing an emerging opportunity in app development to becoming a core capability in maintaining competitiveness. We are in a continuous and disruptive market environment that can be best characterized as volatile, uncertain, and moving at breakneck speeds of change. To keep up with this, innovation needs to happen in ultra shorter cycles and must scale at the same speed. Long gone are 12-24 months of planning cycles.

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Google #Firestarters 3: The New Operating System for Agencies - The Event

So, this week saw the great, the good and the curious of UK planning come together at Google HQ for the latest Firestarters - the series of events I'm curating for Google to facilitate different thinking and debate around some of the more interesting and challenging issues facing planners.

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Agile Planning (Redux)

The smart guys at LHBS in Vienna asked me to give a talk on Agile Planning earlier this week as part of their series of "Uncomfortable Talks" designed to promote some good, challenging thinking on the practice of communications and planning. It was helpful in bringing together a bunch of disparate thoughts I've long had around this subject but if I'm honest, it was difficult to know where to stop - it's a subject that touches so much of what we do, so there's a lot more I could've talked about.

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