Dick Stroud Rambling on about All Things Apps and iPad

When I was in Dublin I had a TV interview about all of this ‘i’ stuff and why it is such an important development for older people.

Having watched it again I think it covers most of the points, however, I must stop repeating myself. Put it down to age.

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The Importance of Women Including Older Women

Last week I returned to Dublin to talk at the Business of Ageing Conference. More details about the conference in future posts.

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Why Apple Is a Baby-Boomer Stock

I totally agree with the conclusions of this article that Apple products are and will continue to be popular with older people. I don’t agree with the rationale for reaching this conclusion.

The author is basically saying that older people buy Apple products because the want to be ‘hip’ and this gives them an easy way of achieving this goal. Here are some of the quotes:

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Seniors: the New "Social Gamers"

Michelle Kaplan is the co-founder of Many thanks for contributing this article to my blog.

It is always good to hear stories that demolish the stereotypes about older people and how they use, or don't use, technology.

This is what Michelle had to say.

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Why Do Adverts Irritate Me So Much?

The inmyprime blog is well worth reading. The content is good and it is well written. I don’t always agree with the comments but it always makes me think.

The blog posting about the recent IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) 2010 Census of those working in media, advertising and marketing communications agencies tells us the following about the age of their employees:

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Thank You Pew - Thank You Aging in Place Technology Watch

It is fitting that probably the best two US sources of information and comment about older people and how they use technology conclude 2010 with more insights into the way the factors of ageing and technology interrelate and how things might change in the future.

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Good To See that Apple Cares

The first video is from the Ellen DeGeneres show. It is an amusing parody of the Apple's iPhone 4 ad. I have to say I think it contains a smidgen of truth.

The next video is Apple's response.

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Employing Older Workers

Two people, who should know about the subject, have got together to write a book titled, Managing the Older Worker: How to Prepare for the New Organizational Order. Peter Cappelli (Director for the Centre of HR at Wharton) Resources and Bill Novelli, former CEO of AARP.

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Landmark Report about the Impact of Age and Education on the Distribution of Wealth

“What does the distribution of wealth tell us about future retirement resources?”

This report was produced by the IFS for the DWP. It is a well researched document and provides a valuable insight into the ownership of wealth in the UK. It is a long report, 90 pages, stuffed full of data.

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Baby Boomer UK Does Not Equal BB US

This blog posting echoes something I have been saying for as long as I can remember – these days, as a result of cognitive decline, that is not long.

The concept of Baby Boomers may have meaning in the US but it doesn’t in the UK.

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