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Customer [Insert Term Here]: What Do They All Mean?

Here’s an uncomfortable – yet indisputable – truth: you are in business to create and to nurture customers. Without customers – and especially without employees to create your products and to serve your customers – you have no business. Regardless of company size, region, industry, etc., you are in business for the customer, because of the customer.

Ultimately, “create and nurture customers” must come down to helping customers solve their problems, complete the jobs they are trying to do, and achieve the outcomes they desire by using your products or services.

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Essentials for a Lasting Relationship

by: Scott Goodson

Someone sent me a direct Tweet today asking "what are the essentials of a lasting client and agency relationship in these new economic times?"

I don't think they've changed much from the advice Mary Wells wrote about in her famous book about account management.

My list includes:

- Honesty. Whatever happens, client and agency, need to tell each other the truth.

- Trust and mutual forgiving of mistakes, which are unavoidable on both sides.

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For solutions providers, Account Management is king

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