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The One Thing That Can Transform an Idea into a Phenomenon

Do you enjoy picking groceries up in your electric car? When you get to the store, do you prefer to pay with bitcoins? Do you have solar panels on your house? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the distinct minority. So much so, that a lot of people probably think you’re weird.

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Are Kids Technology's New Early Adopters?

When we think of technology’s early adopters, we tend to think of the young hipsters in tech hubs like New York or San Francisco, testing out all the cool new apps, gadgets and gizmos before the rest of the nation has a chance to check them out.

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Are Early Adopters Temporary Ties?

I posted a tweet yesterday inspired by the recent Details article on early adopters that generated a fair amount of conversation which was:

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Disruptive Innovations Always Look like Toys

One of the most misunderstood terms in the business world is disruptive technology. Too many companies -- and the marketers in charge of bringing these companies' innovations to market -- assume that "disruptive" connotes a highly-sophisticated, high-end product with cutting-edge technology that will appeal to early adopters.

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Technorati - Why Crossing The Chasm Is Not Always a Good Idea

by: Karl Long

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