Sharing Green Videos Online

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YouTube Releases Test Tube - A Feature Incubator

By: Karl Long

Test Tube

For many years web design was an unnatural paring of graphic design, software design and product design, all of these disciplines assumed that there was an endpoint that was “done”.

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Follow-up: Embedding Ads into YouTube Players

By: Ilya Vedrashko

A recent post about embedding ads into YouTube players to solve the monetization problem has attracted a suprising amount of attention and a number of great comments.

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The YouTube Side of Life

by: Alain Thys

If you haven't yet seen it, this video is a great edit of what people tend to get up to on YouTube. There are probably a dozen ways to analyse this, yet from my perspective it's also just good viewing (all 9 minutes).


Tip of the hat to Pete Blackshaw at CGM for finding this one !

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YouTube Has Built a TV Network

by: Lynette Webb

So this is a tad flippant. But it illustrates a point I think isn’t made often enough… that watching clips on YouTube or GoogleVideo or any of their ilk is, from a consumer’s perspective, watching TV.

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Corporate Video 2.0 - Second Life Machinima + Youtube

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YouTube 2.0 Is - Mashup heaven

by: Karl Long

Eyespot is a browser based video editing and mixing tool that enables you to easily create and edit video clips online, and IMHO an important site to watch over the next year or so. If youtube is like a Video Blog, then Eyespot is like a Video Wiki.

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Ad Blogger DMCAed by YouTube for Posting Ad Spot

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YouTube's New Ad Formats: Links, Screens

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