What Women Want - according to Yahoo!

This is an interesting white paper from Yahoo! about the effectiveness of the different channels to reach women. I really liked the visual methodology that was used to represent the results.

Maybe it is not surprising that the results indicate the effectiveness of Yahoo’s online presence.

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The Yahoos At Yahoo

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Too Much vs. Too Little

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Yahoo's new limits on user data retention and Facebook's latest row over faux college groups illustrate the bizzaro-world conflict between too little and too much information in search, social media, and online life in general.

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Muddled Story-telling

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

For all I can tell, news of the latest off moment in Microsoft's on-and-off, sometimes contentious courtship of Yahoo! is good news, not bad. 

The kabuki drama that is merger reporting in the business media would be silly if it weren't so blindly evident of deja vu, all over again. Here are a couple of different ways to look at the story:

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Yahoo! The Program Maker

by: Gary Hayes

Within hours of a prediction in the last post that one of the online giants would start to deliver TV-like shows over the internet I find a report “…Reality series pilot to be broadcast on the internet” in the San Francisco chronicle.

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Search Evolving - Google Yahoo! Style

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Targeting Influencers With Virals 'Doesn't Work'

by: Mark Rogers

Duncan Watts is a Yahoo researcher who has done detailed work looking at the best strategy to launch a viral campaign - the kind of campaign which is aimed at getting the consumer to pass the idea along. Watts compares campaigns which targeted viral communications via “influentials” in the social network with campaigns which simply seeded the viral in the maximum number of places in the network. Watts found that the latter was a more effective way of launching a campaign.

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Yahoo Launching Site for Women - Well Some Women

by: Dick Stroud

This is the announcement from the press release.

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The Coming Convergence of Email and Social Networks

by: Idris Mootee

are still attracting tens of thousands of new users each month and
Google is trying pushing the social networking its OpenSocial
initiative. Not long ago Microsoft spent $240 million to buy a 1.6 % of
Facebook (that gives Facebook a valuation of $15 billion and there's
almost no room for any option play for employees with this valuation.)
Just when Facebook thinks that its 50-plus million users can now be
mined for ad dollars. They received a harsh lesson and realized just

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Yahoo, the 'Moral Pygmy' problem and reputation on the Internet

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