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Improving Inefficient Web Navigation Might Be the Wrong Answer if Causes Users Problems -Especially Older Ones

Really useful insights from NN/gFeatures meant to increase user efficiency by reducing steps can end up hurting users if they do not conform to existing mental models and expectations based on past experiences.

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The Wrong Font Can Kill You. Literally. Your Sales, Too.

Can the font used for important medical instructions affect how well patients follow them?

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Color Psychology, Mind-Controlling Bugs, Blog Boosters, More… Roger’s Picks

You want an eclectic reading list? This week we’ve got color psychology, mind-controlling bugs, big conversion tips, neuro-politics, business blog boosters, and more!

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Videos That Convert, Worst ORM Strategy Ever, Monkey Takedown, More – Roger’s Picks

Here’s this week’s eclectic mix of worthwhile reading from around the Web. Also, things may look a bit different – check out our new, easier-to-read (we hope!) design. Let us know what you think in a comment!

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Giant Conversion Booster, Happy Design, More – Roger’s Picks

Here’s our curated list of some great content we found this week!

I’m a complete believer in A/B testing, and I’m always skeptical of sure-fire techniques. But a post by Brian Dean (@Backlinko) shows some dramatic results achieved without exhaustive testing.

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It’s Time to Forget the Fold

If you work with digital ads, you are no doubt familiar with the “fold” – the place where the user’s screen cuts off the content, and scrolling is required to view more. (It’s an anachronistic term from the newspaper days, when stories above the fold in the middle of the page were more prominent than those below.) Many advertising contracts specify “above the fold” placement on web pages, although exactly where that fold occurs depends on a variety of factors like screen resolution, browser window dimensions, etc.

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The Future of Web Design May Be Ugly

We’ve seen a variety of disastrous web design trends over the years. Remember splash pages? All-Flash sites? Frames? We may be on the cusp of a new trend: unstyled ugliness.

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Futurelab Makeover - tell us how you want it

By: Stefan Kolle

After two and a half years (during which we've grown to 50.000 regular readers and have been nominated for a Webbie) it's about time for a total makeover of the Futurelab universe, as the look has gone a bit stale. It's just sooooo 2006, don't you think?

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9 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your CRM with Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA's)

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Content Providers Are Overlooking the Needs of Many of Today's Internet Users

by: Dick Stroud

Why when you read this type of headline do you know that the “many of today’s Internet users” are likely to be the 50-plus?

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