Evolving Experience + Storytelling in Advertising

by: David Armano


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A double take or a double take too far?

by: Dick Stroud

This is what VW says about this campaign.

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Social networking expanding across demographics

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Who's Generation?

By: Stefan Kolle 

OK, maybe this is slightly off topic - but let's just pretend it's a part of our discussion on Grey Marketing. A group of over 90 (some over 100) year olds have been brought together as a band to record The Who's My Generation. Taking place in the Abbey Road studios, a lot of wonderful references are made for the careful observer.

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Neuro Study Predicts Viral Success

By: Ilya Vedrashko

OTOInsights: "One to One Interactive and Innerscope Research had 25 individuals observe 11 viral videos that were uploaded to Our hypothesis was that neurological measures of media engagement could accurately predict the ratings that the NewGrounds online community assigned to viral content.

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Viral Video and Neuromarketing

by: Roger Dooley

One of the hottest marketing techniques in the last year has been viral video - create a clever enough video segment, and with minimal promotion it can reach a Super Bowl ad-sized audience for a tiny-fraction of the cost.

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Ad Agency Of The Year - It’s You Again

by: Karl Long