Advertisers Are out of Ideas or They Don’t Care about Hulu

I’ve been using Hulu quite a lot recently due canceling cable (obviously I now get the benefit of reacting condescendingly to small talk about American Idol with “oh, I cancelled cable”, while still keeping up with the daily show . Anyway, I’ve been exposed to a few Hulu ads now and I’ve got so say it’s some of the worst advertising i’ve ever seen (except for an old spice commercial which was awesome).
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Customers Are Talking: Why Do Companies Continue to Do Such Dumb Stuff?

Two blog posts struck a chord with me this week. First, Bob Sutton posted on Wal-Mart’s decision to stock Girl-Scout-cookie knockoffs (the delightfully-named “Thin Mint-y Gate“). Then David Pogue provided an update on “Take Back the Beep,” his campaign to get wireless companies to stop playing lengthy introductory messages to callers trying to leave voice mail.

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Free, Unsolicited Product Management Advice for Verizon Wireless

by: John Caddell

As I mentioned yesterday, I am using EV-DO to connect to the internet here in Vegas for CTIA. It's more economical and reliable than the hotels' and convention center's WiFi hotspots. What I didn't say is that the way I contract for this service is convoluted and actually, on my analysis, loses money for Verizon. Details to follow.

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