Riddle: When Is Twitter Like an Elevator?

Travel enough, and you encounter a lot of elevators. This simple device can offer some interesting user experience lessons. Some are bizarre ones, like the incomprehensible control system I described in Don’t Redesign Your Elevator! The other day, in a perfectly fine Southern California hotel, I found elevators whose control panels all showed a virtually identical wear pattern. In every one of the four different elevators, the white paint was rubbed off the “L” marking the Lobby floor.

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IT and Oldies

by: Dick Stroud

Victor Keegan, who writes for the Guardian has had the same problems with the registration process of the Finerday web site. If anybody from Finerday is reading this blog please, please drop this over-complicated procedure. It looks clever but it is not suitable for the target market.

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Is User-Friendliness a Sure Marketing Bet?

by: Yann Gourvennec

Very often, I hear people say that you have to make your end-user’s lives easier to generate a marketing success. However paved with good intentions this statement may be, I did ask myself the question whether making users’ live easier is a sustainable marketing argument for the development of a business. Here are my thoughts on this subject:

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Is User-friendliness a Sure Marketing Bet?

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