Huge changes in time spent watching traditional TV. One age group is watching more. Guess who.

This data is from the US but I doubt if Europe is that much different.

I think the charts say it all - don't they?

Here is a clue. Look for the little green arrow pointing up. Looks to me like live TV is rapidly becoming (become) an oldies ghetto.

The second chart goes a long way to explain where the eyes of the other age groups are spending their time. Dick Stroud

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Is TV being ignored? The evidence

The other day The Guardian ran an interesting piece about US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s digital campaign. Romney’s digital director, Zac Moffat, justified the campaign’s investment in digital by talking about consumers who are ‘off the grid.’

By this he meant the third of Americans who no longer watch live TV, except sports, and so are largely immune to TV advertising.

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Social Media Tops TV

Could social media ads, or at least ads on Facebook, outperform similar ads on television? It seems the answer is “yes.” That surprising outcome was reported in the same study that showed ads on the social media giant being more emotionally engaging than the same ads on or (see Facebook Ads Most Engaging in Neuromarketing Study).
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A lot of people have got pretty excited about the prospects around so-called 'Social TV'. Perhaps for good reason since a whole succession of studies have shown the increasing prevalence of 'media stacking' including the most recent YouGov survey which found that 76% of the UK viewers it spoke to surf the web on their laptops, mobiles or tablets whilst simultaneously 'watching' TV.

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The +1 TV Remote Revolution

I subscribe to a mailing list called Idea A Day that sends out one idea each day. Any one can contribute an idea and most days it looks like anyone does. Usually you receive eclectic but whimsical and impractical suggestions that make you question the whole exercise. But just when you least expect it, there turns up a cracker making it all worthwhile.

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Kinect to Power TV Ads, Billboards

A Microsoft guy explains how Kinect and Nuads will add gestural and voice goodness to TV ads served through Xbox.

Would one have to be standing up for this? Are people's living spaces spacious enough to accomodate Kinect? And would anyone care?

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Oprah: The Last Analog Celebrity

After 25 years, Oprah Winfrey's history-making TV show has come to an end - and so has The Era of the Analog Celebrity. In many ways, Oprah defined what it meant to be a celebrity in the analog age - the age before Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and the constant need to optimize your Google search results.

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The Future of the TV Experience

Multitasking, once predicted as the last nail in the coffin of the TV industry, could now be the thing that reconnects TV with its most important asset: the audience.

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3 Challenges Facing Social TV

Guest Post by: Ed Thompson

Social TV, or Connected TV as it’s also known, will be an exciting area for marketers in the future as the opportunity for integrating the Internet and social networks offers a whole new dimension to the TV experience.

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"The Future of Advertising" Speech by P&G's Ed Artzt, 1994

On May 12, 1994, the CEO of Procter & Gamble Edwin Artzt delivered a speech at the annual 4As conference on the future of advertising. It has since become a classic, often referenced but rarely read in full. The speech, written months before the first banner ad received its first impression, was prescient in many regards and inspiring throughout:

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