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Great Management Questions

What questions should entrepreneurs ask themselves if they want to improve their companies?” Earlier this year, business thought-leaders including Jim CollinsMarshall Goldsmith, and Gary Hamel were asked this question and their responses were published in In

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What is the Difference Between Thought Leadership and Content Marketing?

The other day, I asked the following question:

How would you define the difference between thought leadership and content marketing?

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Poolside Chat with Joseph Jaffe

I recently had a chance to sit down with Joseph Jaffe, author of Flip The Funnel and Chief Interruptor at Powered. Joseph and I recently teamed up to do a series of talks with Symantec (client). We discussed the role of “thought leadership”–it’s relevancy and balancing both thinking and doing. Don’t let the poolside background fool you, we’re both working very hard at helping large organizations integrate social media into the way they do business. Enjoy the chat.

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What I Learned from Prahalad

Late last month the business world suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of C.K. Prahalad. Harvard Business Review is not exaggerating when it calls Prahalad, one of the world’s “wisest and most influential management thinkers.” I “discovered” Prahalad during my time at Sony, when my primary responsibilities transitioned from working on discrete projects and deliverables to transforming the organization, its culture, and its operations.

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Making Sense of the Chaos: Social CRM with Bill Odell

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

This next B2B Marketing Thought Leader Interview is with Bill Odell, vice president of marketing at Helpstream, a Social CRM solutions company. Bill is responsible for the company’s overall marketing and go-to-market strategies and oversees all product marketing, partner marketing and corporate marketing activities. Bill has 20 years of experience leading marketing for several innovative, category creating technology companies, including Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Compression Labs – the developer of DirectTV – and Interlace Systems.

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Why Thought Leadership Is Your Most Valuable Asset

As a B2B marketer, thought leadership is one of the most valuable assets your brand — or you — can attain.

In down economies, prospects conduct even more research leading up to the purchase. This means B2B marketing professionals must help educate prospects in the early stages of the buying cycle; doing this well can help frame their buying process and establish your brand as a trusted advisor that understands their problems and knows how to solve them. Therefore it's more vital than ever for your organization to be viewed as an industry leader and trusted resource for all key stakeholders: customers, media, analysts, investors and everyone in between.

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