thinking patterns

The Problem with Patterns

Humans are natural pattern recognizers. Whether, as in prehistoric times, we were recognizing danger in a telltale rustle of the bushes or skimming a page of letters and numbers today, we use patterns to derive meaning without having to do a more detailed inspection.

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Frederik linked to this short video of Sir Ken Robinson. It's not a new talk but a section of his session at the RSA about changing education paradigms. Specifically the bit in which he talks about divergent thinking (it's not brilliantly shot but it gets the point across and you can also watch a longer RSA animate of the talk).

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Learn to Master the Four Patterns of Thinking to Unleash Your Mind to Perform on the Next Level

by: Idris Mootee

Who are you? You probably have some ideas of how your mind works. Do you? A designer with a strategic mind? An artist with a business mind? A strategist with an engineer mind? An cosmetic surgeon with an artist mind? Are you a marketer with ADD? Are you a designer with a cook's mind? Are you a politician with the mind of a criminal?

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