Competitive Brand Positioning

When Are Consumers Most Receptive?

If the workers who built the Pyramids were paid wages, undoubtedly nearby vendors knew when to exert maximum effort: payday. A person with a fresh supply of money is far more likely to spend liberally than one who’s nearly tapped out. Beyond the obvious fact that only people who have money can spend it, it turns out there is a more subtle and complex change in our spending related to when we are paid.

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The Future of Ad Agencies and Social Media

Steve Hall from Adrants (a blog I read every day) was quoted in a recent Mashable piece on the future of Ad Agencies and Social Media:

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Elderhostel Makes a Fascinating Marketing Case Study

Elderhostel is a US travel and educational organisation for older adults – you might have guessed the travel part from the name.

The organisation is going through a massive upheaval, caused by falling numbers of customers. As the graphics shows, numbers of people signing up for courses have been falling and the average age of travellers has been rising. It is now 73 years old up from 68 a decade ago.

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What If They Like Big Brother?

Google announced late last week that it will offer an exchange to help brands place online display ads. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Congressman Rick Boucher is drafting legislation to require businesses to disclose to consumers the information they capture about their Internet behavior, and allow them to control its uses.

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Rampant Segmentism

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act that awaits President Obama's signature could severely limit the magazine advertising run by cigarette makers, and the ad lobby is fuming over it. It was a $70 million business for U.S. magazines last year, and the industry could use every penny.

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Marketing to Moms? Read the Digital Mom Report

by: Guy Kawasaki

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Ford Innovates

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Ford's plan to equip many of its 2010 model year vehicles with teen-safety chips is a novel, smart branding idea.

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Smart Targeting

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Microsoft Target You

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