Service Strategy - What Is the New Gold Standard? Michelli Has Some of the Answers. Lessons from Ritz-Carlton.

by: Idris Mootee

I don’t remember when the word “service economy” first showed up five or ten years back. What is “service economy”? In economic terms, services are a diverse group of economic activities that include high technology, knowledge-intensive sub-sectors, as well as labor-intensive, low skill areas. In many ways, the service sectors exhibit marked differences from products (manufacturing), these distinctions are blurring.

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Accessibility but Not for You

by: Dick Stroud

This incident really amused me. A very large global communications company recently presented at a conference about older people and proudly (with some justification) explained that they had created a booklet that was sent to all staff about how to deal with older people. A big round of applause.

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