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The StartUp Curve, and Google Plus

I'm getting rather bored of how, following some relatively short space of time after launch, some people rush to declare the early demise of a particular service or startup usually based on little more than than an apparent dip in traffic or (worse) the author's isolated experience. It's happening right now with Google Plus, which I think is rather short-sighted and misses the point of it by a country mile.

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Forget Being a Facebook Competitor; Google+ Is the Future of Social Search

Guest Post by: Hamid Sirhan

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already signed up for Google+ or you’re teetering on the brink. At the very least, you’re probably wondering why you should bother signing up for Google+ at all.

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Search + Social = Authority x Influence

Search Is Information Based

There are two primary ways a digital participant finds content across the digital cloverleaf (paid, owned, earned, social properties). One scenario is to initiate a search using a popular search engine such as Google.

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Social Search Will Force Your Business To Recalibrate

One of the trends colleague Steve Rubel and I identified for 2011 was the re-emergence of Google through furthering the integration of social into their search ecosystem. Google's latest iteration of social search now further integrates platforms such as Quora, Flickr and Twitter more aggressively and points to a new reality for businesses in how they approach social integration themselves. In short, ignore at your own peril. So what's a business to do as search increasingly integrates signals from multiple ecosystems? Here's a few tips:

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The Future Battle of Search Will Be in Social Mobile. Does Social Search Make Any Sense?

A friend of mine visited me from Japan and our conversation was around mobile search, since Apple’s acquisition of Siri, a company that makes voice-operated personal assistant app for the iPhone, people wonder what Apple's intent was. This move has big implications for the future of mobile search and is just a first step into the game.

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