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Instagram Beats Twitter in Daily Mobile Users. Engagement Significantly Higher

Showcasing the growth of the so-called visual web, Comscore (vla All Things D) today came out with figures to show that, in the US at least, Instagram had 7.3 million daily active users (DAUs) beating Twitter’s 6.9 million.

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Majority of Britons Now Use Facebook or Twitter (statistics)

The latest data from the Office of National Statistics n the UK shows that, for the first time ever, over half of adults accessed social networking sites in 2011. The annual British Internet Habits survey showed that in 2011, 57% of over-16s in the UK are using the internet for social networking, as opposed to 43% in 2010. This is a significant landmark, and the rate of growth is impressive and it shows the importance of social networking in the lives of British adults.

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How Women Are Changing the Web

If the Web had a gender, it would be female. There, I've said it. Despite all the traditional indicators typically cited - such as the declining number of women signing up for computer science majors at our nation's universities or the relatively small number of female tech CEOs - the future of the Web is largely being determined by women, and it's not just a matter of demographics.
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Risk Reduction Strategies on Facebook

Sometimes, when I’m in the field, I find teens who have strategies for managing their online presence that are odd at first blush but make complete sense when you understand the context in which they operate. These teens use innovative approaches to leverage the technology to meet personal goals. Let me explain two that caught my attention this week.

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5 Social Business Use Cases for Facebook Groups

Originally published at Harvard Business Review

Facebook Groups have been called "Google Wave for Humans" by some and "spam" by others. They have the potential to benefit your business, brand, and organization in ways that are probably slightly ahead of our time. In the mean time, what does it mean? I've taken a deep dive, and here are a few ideas for how I think Facebook Groups are the latest evolution in the gradual socialization of business.

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The Dark Side of Facebook Places? Nobody Is Making You Use It.

People will be bored of what you are doing. By knowing more about you they may like you less. You are advertising when your house is empty to rob. And you are making it easy for paeodophiles to track you down. These are the charges leveled against Facebook Places in a piece in this weekend’s Sunday Times (no article link I’m afraid – behind the paywall!).

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