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Social Innovation Is a Smart Business Strategy. Businesses Can Be Good Stewards of Our Societies

Innovation takes many forms, but social innovation is least understood and today there are pressing needs and urge for the creation, adoption and diffusion of innovations. Innovation takes many forms such technological, organizational, product, service and business model etc. The term ‘social innovation’ has come into common parlance in recent years.

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Bauhaus Is Not Just a Design Movement. What Business Can Learn from Bauhaus? How Can We Move from the Industrial Age - an Age of Exploitation to an Age of Regeneration?

I've been a Bauhaus follower for 30 years. I am still fascinated by some of work produced during that period. A Bauhaus Summer School workshop was hosted last month by Michael Zinganel who is a freelance architecture theorist, cultural historian, curator, and artist from Austria.

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'Elsewhere, U.S.A.' by Dalton Conley = FABULOUS

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Scary Thoughts on Business and Social Change

by: Idris Mootee

The idea of sustainable development is
Halloween stories for corporations. Asking about what it would take to
transform a company into a genuinely sustainable operation raises all sorts of
uncomfortable questions in any strategy discussions. Questions like: What sort
of society do we want? What kind of world do we want our children to live in?
How do we best meet people's needs and drive social change? I have many

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The Next Big (Small) Thing

by: Idris

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