Building Your Multi-Faceted, Multi-Skilled CX Team

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about CX Teams: Who, What, Where, How Many, and How Much?, answering all the questions that you might have about what a CX team looks like, i.e., the make-up of the team, size of the team, who it reports to, budget responsibility, barriers to success, and more.

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CX Journey™ Musings: Skill Trumps Passion (or Does It?)

When making career decisions, are you a believer in the "follow your passion" mantra or are you on team "be so good they can't ignore you?"

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The Essential Skill Set for Modern B2B Marketers

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

Just like everyone else, B2B marketers wear different hats in the duties they perform. In order to become successful, they need a mix of marketing skills. These skills vary in range depending on the task needed at hand.

What is the essential skill set for modern B2B marketers? Here is a basic outline of the skills required:

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Intuition Is Important to Innovation. So You Ask Yourself Are You 'Intuition' Gifted? If Not, Here's a Few Practices to Help You Improve It

by: Idris Mootee

We all understand why intuition is important for innovation, and it is least understood. I was trained to apply intuition but follow up by fact-based analysis to back up the hypothesis. Intuition is generally defined by 1/ immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning. 2/ immediate apprehension by a sense. 3/ immediate insight that points to the direction of a solution.

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Post-recessionary Consumerism

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The Art of Selling

by: Design Translator

One of my first bosses taught me an important lesson.

Good designers are a dime a dozen, he said. Coming up with a great design solution is the easy part. The hard part, he said, is getting the client to accept the solution.

“But if the work is good, don’t the clients know it when they see it?” I asked.

My boss just looked at me silently for a long time. And then, with gentleness and no small amount of pity, he reached out and patted me on the head: Poor kid.

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Leadership in Games Is a Task, Not an Identity

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Harvard Business Review Article: Serious Gamers Hone Leadership Skills

by: Eliane Alhadeff

"Tens of millions of people are honing their leadership skills in multiplayer online games. The tools and techniques they’re using will change how leaders function tomorrow—and could make them more effective today."

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