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Amplify Disrupting Serious Games Business Development Models

At the early stages of the Serious Games movement, in many cases they were made available to users free of charge or distributed within the client organization. Serious Games used to lack the budgets of entertainment games, so producers usually did not develop their own game engines (which could cost upwards of $5 million and 3-5 years of time), but instead leased popular game engines for game play. 

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Serious Games for Medical Assisting Instructors and Students

Practice, the line of 3D, multiplayer Serious Games developed by Muzzy Lane Software for McGraw-Hill Education, which already includes Practice OperationsPractice Marketing, Government in Action, and Practice Spanish: Study Abroad, is about to get a new addition: Practice Medical Assisting.

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Consumers To Fuel Demand for Mobile Educational Serious Games

In North America, the growth rate for mobile game-based learning is more than double than for all types of mobile learning combined 
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Google Play for Education: New Revenue Model for Serious Games Large Scale Buy-In

On my prior post Serious Games Large Scale Buy-In Requires New Revenue Models I quoted Clark Aldrich’s following statement from the article Serious Games vs. the Industrial Education Complex:

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Serious Games Promoting Tacit Knowledge Sharing

Serious Games: Fad or Future?

Serious Games challenging us to play a better future

I had already addressed Wouter Grove’s Master thesis on the topic of Serious Games in my prior post OnlineSerious Games Delphi Expert Panel

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Aldrich´s Mechanism for Hooking up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers

In the next twelve months Clark Aldrich is going to assemble a Simulation and Serious Games database that will be completely available for free to the public.

Clark explains his primary reason to create The Simulations and Serious Games Registry:

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Google+ Games Getting Started: What about Serious Games?

Following my prior post Google+ Getting Serious About Games Stream, dated July 22, Google+ Games are live already.
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Serious Games as 3D Projection Mapping for Major Brands

In  my prior posts Serious Games Bringing Interactive Properties to Everyday Surfaces and Sifteo - The Next-Gen Siftables: Serious Games As Thinking Toys I had surfaced the theme of physical Serious Games.

Another example would be 3D Projection Mapping. Marketers have realized that this is a great way to advertise a product or event. 3D Projection Mapping has taken the advertising world by storm with leading brands displaying 3D and 4D projections on buildings.

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Serious Games Changing the Way People Apply for a Job

Via: Marriott News Center - My Marriott Hotel™ Opens its Doors on Facebook

Earlier this month, Marriott International launched My Marriott Hotel Serious Game to help generate interest in hospitality careers.

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