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Crowdsourcing Week 2013 – Sean Moffitt Opening Keynote and 16 Key Messages

I just  arrived back from Singapore and have crowd-coloured visions dancing in my head of what crowdsourcing can be for individuals, companies, causes, financiers and governments.

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Why Pinterest Needs to Become the 4th Logo on Your Website – 18 Pinnable Facts

Sure, in the early days of social you may have added Facebook as a link button, then you might have dabbled with video and extended out to Youtube, of course you realized early that Twitter brought something new to the table and now, what’s out there that is important enough to be called out?

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Wikicauses – 100 Digital Online Cause-Building Tips

Here are 100 quick-hitter tips for online cause building, no need to execute everyone of them, but 70 would suffice:


#1 Digital Priority – ensure that digital fundraising is captured in your business plan/strategy commensurate with the level of attention it requires

#2 Update your senior management each month on progress, challenges and key metrics

#3 Be realistic on what you can achieve with resourcing available

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Manifestos > Mission Statements in a Connected Age – 5 Reasons Why, 10 Faves and 12 Tips to Write Them Well

Now I’m going to count to 5, could you please tell me what the guiding vision/direction of your company is …right…NOW…5,4,3,2,1…. Awwww, too bad, I was so hoping you could play it back to me.

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