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Consumers Do/Don’t Want Relationships With Brands

Do consumers want to have a relationship with brands?

On one hand, a research study published by the Association for Consumer Research says yes, and states:

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Why Facebook Brand Pages Suck (And Will Continue To Do So)

The analyst firm I used to work for has a Web Site Review methodology that is grounded in — or centered on, or revolves around — a central concept: How well does a site help its users accomplish their goals?

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Social Business: Not How, But What And Why

In a Forbes blog post titled 10 Strategies For Building A Successful Social Business, the author lists what he calls “strategies” for building what he calls a “social” business. Here are a few of them with my take:

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Twitter Vs. Facebook: Which Is Better for Driving Purchase Activity?

Compete recently published a blog post called Four Things You Might Not Know About Twitter. Based on its consumer data, Compete concluded that:

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The Problem With Customer-Centricity

A 2007 CMO Council survey asked 477 B2B IT users to rate their technology vendors, and, apparently, surveyed the vendors as well. The study found that 56% of vendors perceived themselves to be extremely customer-centric. Only 12% of their customers agreed, however.

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Innovation Snobs

Let’s get a couple of things straight, right from the top: 1) I’m not against innovation, and 2) I apologize in advance to anyone who is offended by the title of this post, thinking that I’m referring specifically to them.

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Your Best Customers

If you asked the average businessperson “who are your best customers?” the initial response is likely to be “those who spend the most money with my company” or maybe “those who are the most profitable to us”.

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Piss Off Your Customers

If I hear one more marketer talk about delighting customers, customer satisfaction, or — heaven forbid — customer advocacy, I’m going to scream.

It’s all a waste of time. You want to make more money for your company? Piss off your customers.

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The Most Abused Word In Marketing

The most abused word in marketing? It’s not “free”, “new”, or “improved” — it’s ANALYTICS.

MarketingProfs ran an article recently that contained the following sentence (Here’s a link to an article about the article. The original article requires registration, and, c’mon, whose got time for that? Not me, I have better things to waste my time on. Like this blog, for example):

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The Challenge of Unconventional Marketing

On his Logic + Emotion blog, David Armano writes:

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