The Company That Uses Amazon Reviews for New Product Development

Guest Post by: Chris Holmes

Last week I read a fascinating article on Fast Company about C&A Marketing. The company sells a diverse range of products – from speakers to egg timers – and they’re growing at a fantastic rate, citing figures of 30% per year. But how can they have achieved such impressive growth? The answer lies in their innovative approach to new product development. They’ve done away with using lengthy product testing with consumers and are instead using Amazon reviews to inform the features of their products.

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Please Steal This Idea

Not long ago, I found myself talking with several clients about a trend I felt would truly impact their business. Social Sharing. There's no brilliance to identifying this as a meaningful trend, we see social sharing everywhere. In the real world and most recently on networks as people not only share what they are doing, but what they are reading, listening to, and even purchasing.

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Power of Word of Mouth (WOM)

An article in the Creating Results blog has some interesting stats about the effectiveness of referrals in the Health, Travel and Financial Services Industries

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One in Three UK Holidaymakers Write Online Reviews

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

According to a recent report in Travel Mole, the travel and tourism industry is facing a social media revolution.

The Social Travel Report, carried out by independent media agency Total Media, has found that almost 70% of consumers surveyed use the internet to book their holidays, compared to 23% by phone and just 8% in-store with travel agents.

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Manufacturing Truth

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

The Scientist magazine reported last week that pharma giant Merck had invented its own peer review medical journal in order to better hype its products; of 29 articles, almost two-thirds referred to Fosamax or Vioxx.

And we're surprised?

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On MediaBids and the Art of Selling Ads (paid review)

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User Reviews of All Types Benefit Product Sales

by: John Caddell

The Economist, in its “Technology Quarterly” section this week, discusses the value of user comments, and makes some interesting points, this one in particular:

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Researching before Purchase Increases with Age

by: Dick Stroud

A survey of 1600 UK consumers found that about two thirds of Britons regularly check the Internet for material about an online retailer before committing to a purchase. It appears that consumer-created content, such as online reviews or blog posts, are read by 46 % Britons prior to buying recommendations on a specific product before buying it.

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The Impact of the Internet on Customer Behaviour

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The Radio Times of the Future

by: David Jennings

This is the second of the excerpts from the first full draft of my book that I think it is worth rescuing from the cutting room floor. As I explained for the first one, there were a bunch of fictional scenarios that I devised imagining possible futures for consumers and for media organisations of different kinds. Some of them, including this one, were written in the form of interviews with media professionals.

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