What about the Unknown Unknowns?

The much vilified ex-Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld will probably be best remembered for his comment to journalists about known and unknowns.



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1% Makes a Lot of Difference

A report has just been published in the US called the: “The Potential Impact of the Great Recession on Future Retirement Incomes.”

I really wished we had an institution attempting the same type of research in the UK.

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The Twilight Generation

Five years ago I identified a cohort of older people I called the Charmed Generation. A combination of final salary personal pensions, house price inflation, lack of debt and inherited money from their parents has insulated these people from the financial trauma that has afflicted their children and grandchildren and many of their peers.

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Overdoing Worldwide Boomer Gloom

by: Dick Stroud

Sitting in Kyoto gives you a different perspective on the world. It is all too easy to become insular and only take a UK perspective. Right now, wherever I look, it seems the world’s media’s take on the current financial mess is that Boomers will be the hardest hit.

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No Country for Old Men

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