Examples of Online Communities in the Retail Industry

by: Matt Rhodes

For the second in our series of Online Community Examples, we move on to look at online communities in the retail industry.

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Optimizing Retail for Frugal Times

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Age Friendly Supermarkets

by: Dick Stroud

Many thanks to Martijn de Haas for telling me about this video of a senior’s supermarket in Germany. It might be a couple of years old but the issues it covers haven’t changed – they have got a couple of years older.

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Retailer Survival Tips

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

All this talk about price cuts driving retail sales is driving me nuts.

Nobody goes to a store to get a cheaper deal than they could online or, if they get it, there's an overwhelming likelihood that the store will be out of business sooner versus later. The idea all but explodes any pretense of a store brand meaning anything (other than Wal-Mart, which means cheaper deal).

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More Decoys: Compromise Marketing

Why a logical product lineup may not be the most profitable

When marketers plan a company’s product offerings, they usually try to do so in the most logical way possible. Several levels of product may be offered - a stripped-down, basic version, a more capable better version, and perhaps a “best” version. These would normally be priced at quite different levels, probably based in part on the relative manufacturing costs of the products.

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Barcode Scanner Apps for Android Reviewed

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Product Contagion in Action

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McDonald's Innovation Is Paying off with Its New Customer Experience Design in Europe. And When Is a McDonald's Not a McDonald's Anymore?

by: Idris Mootee

Fast food is boring and honestly I am not a fast food fan. It is not exactly an enjoyable experience but you go for the convenience. I must say I am very impressed with what they are doing in Europe. When was the last time you enjoyed sitting in a McDonald's or Burger King or Wendys?

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Retail Design Diva -- Has Shopping Lost Its Charm?

by: David Polinchock

This was at the heart of our discussion about the socialization of place and now there seems to be some numbers to support the theory. Here's what we think. As more & more people do their actual purchases online, what's to become of the physical real estate of retail?

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With 20% of UK Shopping Online Are Retailers Ready?

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