7 Supermarkets to Visit in 2012

When interviewed for my book So You Want To Be Customer-Centric, Georges-Edouard Dias of L'Oréal pointed out the opportunity to truly improve the customer experience in many traditional supermarkets.  In his view: “Many stores today aren't really user-friendly. You need to drive there and park far away from the entrance. When you get inside, it's hard to find the information you're looking for. There are too many products to get a clear picture, and the staff aren't always much help either. Not to mention that even if you know exactly which product you want to buy, it may not be in stock.”

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China: The Most Valuable Social Commerce Market in the World?

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

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Brand Experience Brief: Subway Café

Brand Experience Brief: The Store

(This is the first installment of “brand experience briefs” — insights from my audits of new retail and restaurant concepts.)

What: the store

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Retail Evolution

In just the past week, I’ve had several conversations about the future of retail – and how drastically shopping as we’ve known it is going to change. From these provocative discussions, it’s become clear to me that retailers must change the way think about and build their brands, or face extinction.

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Filling Shopping Bags by Filling Needs

For the retail industry, the Great Recession has become the Great Malaise.

Last week, Karen Talley reported in the Wall Street Journal that most retailers missed expectations for May. While there were some bright spots, the 25 retailers tracked by Thomson Reuters posted 4.9% growth in May same-store sales, instead of the expected 5.4% gain.

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Trader Joes, Where Less Is More

(Welcome to the second in a two-post series on how retailers manage the choice conundrum. This is written by C. B. Whittemore, Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now, a marketing communications consultancy focused on simplifying customer interactions with social media and content marketing.

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Why Retailer Tesco Bought a Social Media Company

Guest Post by: Simon Phillips

Whilst some big retailers are still sitting on the sidelines considering whether social media has a role in their business, one of our biggest retailers has acquired its own social media company.

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The Retail Opportunities Resulting from the Surge in Type 2 Diabetes

The first part of this video talks about the retail opportunities, in American (and Europe), that result from the  rise in Type 2 Diabetes.

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How Can Retailers Use Online Content to Engage Customers In-store?

Guest Post by: Jo Strattman

Retailers are increasingly using digital signage to engage their customers in-store.

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