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SMS Window Auction

by: Sebastian Campion

The exclusive department store ILLUM in Copenhagen recently launched an SMS-auction concept called Window Shopping.

Between March 2nd and 24th, the store is putting three luxury items on auction everyday. The items are placed in the window, facing pedestrians who can submit their bids via SMS.

The latest bids are displayed on plasma screens, so that people can follow the action in real time.

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Bestbuy is Telling People Not to Buy in Their Stores

by: Alain Thys

Bestbuy in the US has taken a quite novel approach to multi-channel marketing. In this they follow the adage that if you want your customers - and staff - to display a certain behaviour, you need to incentivize them.

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How Not to do Sales Promotions

by: Alain Thys

There is a statistic which claims that 80% of the sales promotions never turn a profit for the brand that initiates them.  Yet while statistics always remain a little abstract, today I saw a beautiful case on exactly why that is.

When exiting the airconditioned Carrefour into a 32°Celcius blazing sun, I was greeted by a few friendly looking promo-boys and girls who offered me a free new softdrink to drink on my way to the car.

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