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The greying of Mickey Mouse

by: Dick Stroud

A short supply of kids but a plentiful supply of oldies means if you are Walt Disney you need to take some drastic action.
With Japan's birthrate in decline, Disney has accepted the stark
economics of the new market: the largest group of customers with the
money and the time to spend a day on Splash Mountain or Pooh's Hunny
Hunt is mostly retired.

To entice this burgeoning segment of
society on to the rides the company is offering a cut-price season

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Serious Games Creating Entertaining Branding Experiences

by: Eliane Alhadeff

In malls, theaters and other spaces, Reactrix creates highly entertaining branding displays that respond to the physical movements of the audience.

The resulting "brand play" makes Reactrix the highest engagement advertising available today and reaches top-market venues with monthly traffic exceeding 100 million.

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Comfort Shopping: Sad Customers Buy More

by: Roger Dooley

Most merchants would include "happy customers" as a key part of their
mission. Oddly, new research shows that sad customers are likely to
spend more money when shopping. Merely watching a sad video clip caused
subjects to pay nearly four times as much for a water bottle than
subjects who watched an emotionally neutral clip.

The new study released
Friday by researchers from four universities goes further, trying to

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Our Prejudiced Brains

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The Penny Drops. Well Is Dropping

by: Dick Stroud

Two very different subjects, one thing in common.

Firstly this article from Motley Fool: "60 is the new 40".

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Bridging The Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

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Technology and the World of Consumption

by: danah boyd

had just finished giving a talk about youth culture to a room full of
professionals who worked in the retail industry when a woman raised her
hand to tell me a story. It was homecoming season and her daughter Mary
was going to go to homecoming for the first time. What fascinated this

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Does Your Retail Have a Soul?

by: David Polinchock

I know, you're thinking that it's a dumb question relating to a whole
bunch of mumbo jumbo, new age stuff, but let me explain. On the Friday
after Christmas, Sarah DaVanzo & I spent the day walking through
all of the shops along Madison Avenue, starting at about 59th Street.
We visited all of the high-end, luxury stores for about 20 blocks and

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H&M Virtual Dressing Room - Now This is Cool

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How to Increase Customer Pain

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