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You Will Never Meet Mr / Ms Average

Nielsen has published some data about the TV audiences in the US.

The ‘average’ American watched 34 hours 39 minutes of TV per week in Q4 2010, a year-over-year increase of two minutes. Not 1 minute or 3 minutes but 2 minutes. Wow

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You Need to Read the Small Print before Believing Market Research

The Harris Poll of about 3000 Americans generated a news release with the tag line that: “People over 65 less likely than younger generations to be taking some steps to economize.”

That conclusion chimes with my own gut feeling but I thought it worth looking to see what evidence Harris produces to justify the conclusion.

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Being Weird

I'm weird. Chances are that you're weird. In fact the society you live in is probably weird too. Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic. It's an acronym that was new to me until I read this piece about the work of Joe Henrich, a professor in Psychology and Economics at the University of British Columbia.

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Be Careful Using Consumer Confidence Measures

by: Dick Stroud

Marketing Week has an article about the age and regional variation in the TNS/Nationwide consumer confidence measure (Nationwide Consumer Confidence Index). This is the measure most often quoted in the UK – something similar to the Conference Board in the US.

The article focuses on the changes in this index during the past 3 quarters and what it tells us about the way that different age groups react to our present financial Armageddon.

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Using Online Networks for Market Research Can Be Dangerous

by: George Silverman

In an article last Monday in the Wall Street Journal, reporter Emily Steel described the growing trend of using online social networks -- both existing and company-encouraged -- for marketing research. It's a very dangerous trend, as I point out in my letter to her. Many companies are headed for disaster if they give undue weight to the opinions expressed on their online networks.


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Use Caution When Asking People What They Want

by: David Armano on Design Research Conference Day 2

It's day 2 at the deign research conference in Chicago.  Steven Herbst of Motorola drove in interesting point home with a video from a focus group.  You have to be careful when putting folks in a "lab environment"—essentially asking them for their opinions.  Watch the video and make your own conclusions.

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ModeMapping + How To Lie With Research

by: David Armano on Design Research Conference Day 1

Day one of IIT ID's Design Research conference is done and I'm already looking forward to day two.  Couple of observations right off the bat:

1. Design and research go hand and hand.
2. Design Research, like any research can be manipulated.

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NPS - what is it REALLY good for...

To follow up my previous post on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) being under fire, I would like to engage the readers of this blog in a discussion on the use and value of the NPS in itself. I will be listing some (rather random) thoughts and musings on the NPS to get your insights and ideas.

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Net Promoter Score under fire?

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