New Year's top resolution: Managing your online reputation!

by: Christian Smagg

Well, 2008 has arrived, along with the New Year's resolutions and the
ever-present pundit predictions. Now that we're on the other side of
the New Year, I thought I would share my thoughts on what I feel should
be one of the companies' top priorities - and probably their number 1
resolution for this year: Efficiently managing their online reputation.

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The Reputation Chameleon

by: C. Sven Johnson

For those of you who recall my earlier entry discussing the Philips Design probe discussion (reLink), consider this a follow-on post.

I took the time to sit in on the Philips meeting and while I crashed out (twice) and lost my chat record, you can read it here: “Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon: Philips Design Probe - SKIN:Tattoo” (Link).

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Yahoo, the 'Moral Pygmy' problem and reputation on the Internet

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The Mating Mind: Is Boosting Sex Appeal the Brain’s Primary Purpose?

by: Roger Dooley

The Mating Mind. A prof at the University of New Mexico has an interesting suggestion: the evolution of the human brain was largely driven by finding better ways to appeal to the opposite sex.

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The Art of Customer Service

by: Guy Kawasaki 

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