Humanity Slowly Returns to Creativity - 64% of Teenagers Engage in Content Creation

by: Gary Hayes

Well a bit of a pompous title perhaps, fueled by a report just published by Pew Internet (one of my fav research groups) who reminded me of something a few of us have been bleating on about for a while - that the last 200 years of media distribution have been an anomaly.

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The Rise and Rise of Blogs

by: Gary Hayes

A fabulous, clear page from David Sifry on the growth of the blogosphere as at April 2006. His exec summary:

In summary:

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'Search is Brand' as a Blogging Case Study

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Measuring Blogging Influence

by: Mark Rogers

To coincide with Les Blogs Market Sentinel are publishing a white paper in association with Onalytica and immediate future

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The 2008 Shareholder Season

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by: David Polinchock

While readers of this blog will know that the ideas in this article are at the core of why the Brand Experience Lab exists, but it's always good to see other people thinking the same way. Especially when the author is with the Boston Consulting Group and yo know that this is coming from a business POV. I have excerpts here, but click on the link for the full article.

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Marketer's Inward Focus

by: Dick StroudThis is a general observation about marketing not something specific about the 50-plus.

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MellaniuM: When Reality Feels Like a Serious Game

by: Eliane Alhadeff

The revelation that games could be serious has now become conventional wisdom: "we've gone from games representing life to becoming life".

Serious Games on the verge of becoming valuable work tools

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Merrill Lynch 2008 Internet Trends Report

by: Guy Kawasaki

A broker friend of mine sent me this Merrill Lynch report, "Top Internet Themes for 1H'08", by Justin Post. The report contains useful information if you're in online businesses. It discusses these six themes/events:

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Climate Change and the Cusp of Lost Opportunity

by: Joel Makower

On the eve of this week's UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, two new reports show how tantalizingly able we are to reduce our climate footprint -- and how frustratingly far we are from taking the needed steps to do so.

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