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The Simple Sales Booster That Almost Nobody Uses

Could one tiny line of text on a product page increase your sales? A recent A/B test published by WhichTestWon says yes.

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Responsive Marketing in a Real Time World

We needn't look much further than our everyday lives to realize that the way we consume, share and produce our own media has changed drastically. The major forces in this evolution are largely a combination of hardware and software (mobile) combined with connectivity (social) all accelerated in the context of time which gives the impression of immediacy (real-time).

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Why It's Time To Re-Think Real-Time

We can do better.

Recently, I attended an industry roundtable alongside a variety of marketers from different industries, all on the brand side. These are smart and accomplished individuals who gathered together to discuss real time marketing and what it means for their organizations.

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This Superbowl Will Be a Moment of Truth for "Real-Time"

Real-time marketing”—just uttering the phrase evokes images of hastily photo-shopped images and ham fisted attempts to join online conversations. The stakes can be high—last week’s big winner in the responsive category during the Grammys was of course Arby’s to which the spoils of considerable earned media coverage and over 6000 new Twitter followers were awarded. Many other brands weren’t as fortunate.

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What the Role of Twitter Is, and Isn’t, during #londonriots

Certain sections of the UK media have been ascribing some blame for the riots in London to Twitter. Aside from denying that riots such as this happened long before the invention of such social media tools, such statements also show a lack of real understanding of how social media tools like Twitter are used by people, and when they are less useful.

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Powerful and Affordable Real Time Data Mining, Visualization and Interactions Are Powering Up a New Culture Act - and Enabling "Infovation"

Just landed in Rhode Island and spending the next 2 days in Providence, long working sessions ahead, expect to some productive knowledge exchange. The topic will be around where arts meet science, design meets technology.

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How BBC London Is Experimenting with Social Media to Cover the Tube Strike

If you’re based in London you probably know the disruption and frustration caused when there is a strike on the Tube – especially more so as the strikes are often timed to cause maximum impact on journeys to and from work. If you are based out of London you probably care less. But for all people the current strike that started today is a good example of how broadcasters are using social media both as an information source but also as a broadcast medium.

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Real Time Brand Management

On March 13, a Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to New York was diverted from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Stewart airport in Newburgh, N.Y., due to severe weather, and the passengers and crew waited in the plane on the tarmac for over four hours. The crew was anxious, babies were crying, mothers were anxious, and the passengers were unruly — to the point that one woman was taken off the plane by police. The entire ordeal was documented by David Martin, the CEO of, on his company’s iPhone social-media application.
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Social Media as a Travel Tool during the Great Christmas Getaway

Like many people I will be travelling later today. Taking one of the last trains on Christmas Eve from London to the north of England. And like many people I have spent the last few days checking the weather and the news, hoping that my train will run and I will make it on time.

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