Ravali Ravulapati

5 Marketing Tips That We Could Learn from Celebrities

Guest Post by: Ravali Ravulapati

I have to admit, I usually don’t have too much time to watch TV. But when I do, I usually watch shows that don’t require much focus and after a long day of work I often resort to reality shows or random celebrity news. However, I think I can justify this by saying that I have taken away a few “marketing” lessons from these shows or celebrities. Whether its reality TV, Food Network or watching E!, there are valuable lessons these “celebrities” can teach us marketing professionals.

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Unsubscribe Me You Bully: 4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes that Lead to Unsubscribes

by: Ravali Ravulapati

When I get unwanted and unsolicited emails from someone I don’t know, the first thing I do is look for the unsubscribe link. Yet, I’m still struggling with the fact that often when I’ve asked to be “unsubscribed,” an email somehow manages to sneak through to my inbox. This is when I start to doubt myself, “wait a minute, I thought I unsubscribed last time, but maybe I didn’t?”

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