product contamination

The Cootie Effect: Touch, Contagion, and Magical Thinking

I’ve written about product contagion – the weird ability of one product to “infect” another with its properties (or its “cooties“) when they touch in a shopping cart – but there’s a related phenomenon that is, if anything, even stranger.

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Dumb Comments by Others Make YOU Look Dumb

Writers need to think about more than the quality of their writing. They need to worry about the quality of the comments on their content. A recent experiment produced an interesting finding: the presence of low-quality comments on an article caused the article itself to be considered lower in quality.

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Product Contagion in Action

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Super Bowl Ads - A Pick for Neuro-Worst

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What's Wrong With This Promo?

by: Roger Dooley

 foot solutions

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Product Contagion

I recall the first mega-store that opened locally - it happened to be a Meijer store, though now Super Wal-Marts, Super Targets, and other stores that sell everything are common.

It was interesting to watch what other shoppers had in their carts as they checked out - a gallon of milk, a floor mop, khaki slacks, and a chainsaw… one could start a creative writing contest in which entrants had to write a story based on shopping carts full of disparate items.

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