Print vs. Digital: Another Emotional Win for Paper

Every year, consumers spend more time using digital devices. Every year, more media is consumed digitally. Naturally, advertising dollars are increasingly flowing to digital as well. But, don’t pull the plug on that direct mail campaign just yet. New research has again shown that content on paper affects our brains in different and more powerful ways.

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On the Decline of Magazines

People love a good a good funeral (and as David Hepworth put it "in the digital age they don't even have to dress for it"). In only the past few days I've read two articles that pronounce the 'death' of marketing (only to then go on to explain how marketing is still very much alive, albeit changing. *Sigh*). So it is not without some disheartenment that I read articles about the troubles of a medium which is close to my heart: magazines.

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The Financial Times - How Can You Be So Amateurish??

The headline in today's FT says "Rift grows between old and young - Chancellor continues to shelter older people from austerity measures."

What follows is a pathetic attempt to construct an argument to justify the headline claim. It is worth marketers understanding the technique the FT attempts to employ. When done well it can be very effective - when done like this it is beyond contempt.

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This is a rather intriguing idea. A book reading app that seeks to use the properties of the iPad to create a new type of immersive reading experience for ebooks featuring audio, video and rather lovely animations.

Adam recently observed that "there are two, diametrically opposed dangers on tablets: being a print fundamentalist and being a web fundamentalist".

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You Saw It on the News... But Probably Not the Printed Kind

A new report on the US media has confirmed what we already know – that most of us are now getting our daily news fix online and on mobile devices.

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Officially Launching the First and Only Design Thinking and Innovation Magazine - M/I/S/C. Available in 18 Countries. Now Reviewing Proposals for Foreign Language Editions.

Great launch party last night for M/I/S/C, second launch party in San Francisco in a few weeks... and then Shanghai. 200+ cool people showed up. Food is good... and the cupcakes too. Special thanks to the folks who pulled this off in such a short time...  Ashley, Lucy, Marla, Sherry, Jessica, Christian, Brooke and a few others... great job!

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Does Paper Outweigh Digital?

We know that viewing information on paper causes more emotional processing in the brain than the same information viewed on a screen (see Paper Beats Digital for Emotion), and there’s another way paper might be better: its weight. The idea comes from the same study that found that softer chairs increase negotiating flexibility.

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Closed Publishing Apps? I Don't Get It

Or rather (sadly), perhaps I do.

So The Daily is finally with us. My disclosure right up front is that (since it is not available in the UK) I haven't actually seen it. I applaud bold experimentation of this kind but the written and video reviews of it have left me somewhat underwhelmed. It's a shame. The concept of consuming news and feature driven content via a tablet interface is genuinely exciting.

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Is the iPad an Evolutionary Product or a Revolutionary Product? Will It Revive the Print Publishing Industry or Turn Them into Zombie Business?

The iPad is cool, almost as cool as the ACE Hotel. I really like this place and it is becoming the place to stay for me in NYC. Forget the W, it is so boring. They were running out of room on my last day of stay so they switched me to this special room with bunk bed. Very cool.


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Best Handheld Device of 2009

Thanks to AltNyttErFarlig for this, the best handheld of 2009.

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