Multi Platform Social Media - diagram-by-diagram

by: Gary Hayes

Over the years I have been creating lots of confusing, busy yet at the same time, meaningful and insightful emergent media diagrams. These attempt to help the uninitiated heritage media folk, get to grips with a multiplatform, shifting-social-media-sands, transmogodified entertainment landscape…breathe.

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Introducing Jennings' Law

by: David Jennings

At yesterday evening's Music Tank event in London someone who'd just received an advance copy of my book mentioned that they'd seen the heading "Jennings' Law" in the table of contents, and asked me to explain.

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What's the Difference Between Platform Strategy vs. Business Strategy vs. Product Strategy?

by: Idris Mootee

Platform is a fairly new word in the world of business strategy. It has existed in the engineering world for a long time. What is a Platform?

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Beast was first prototype of web-based storytelling

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How Do You Market & Sell a Product That Isn't a Product?

by: John Caddell

Call it infrastructure, a platform, an architecture. Call it middleware, whatever. A growing number of high-tech companies are creating products that are primarily enablers of other applications. Left to their own, unconnected to other pieces, they do... nothing.

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How Smart is Your Skin? Information as an Organizational Problem

by: John Sviokla

When I was a kid, I played with mercury I harvested from thermometers.  (I also made lead weight belts from scraps of lead I retrieved from gutter repairs we performed on my grandmother's three-decker flats in the factory town of Brockton, MA where I grew up.)

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Every Product Could be a Platform

by: John Sviokla & Tony Paoni

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