Pre-sorted, Pre-packaged Pharmaceuticals - This Will Be a Game Changer. An Amazon Purchase Target?

My usual caveat - not sure that this company will succeed - but somebody is going to take this idea and make it fly.

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Ageing consumers and the future of Pharma

I found this presentation by Patrick Dixon - titled: "Older Health Consumers: Marketing To Ageing Customers - the future for Pharma" interesting, but I have a couple of 'buts'.

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Sideswiped by Sidewiki

Reading through posts to the Web 2.0 Marketing Group I belong to on LinkedIn recently, a question came up about the implications of Google's Sidewiki for pharmaceutical/medical device brands. In an industry as heavily regulated as pharma, I can understand just how nervous this is going to make the lawyers (once it's on their radar).

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A Textbook Case

Unlike its response to the 1982 product tampering crisis, Tylenol is writing a textbook case with its reaction to the FDA's concerns about dosage...a case history of what not to do.

Last week, an advisory panel of doctors and consumer representatives (whoever they are) announced that:

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Medical Marketing: Is That REAL Pain?

by: Roger Dooley

Robert Burton of Salon wrote an interesting piece that discusses both the field of prescription drug marketing and how fMRI brain scans have been used to show that pain is “real.”

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Manufacturing Truth

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

The Scientist magazine reported last week that pharma giant Merck had invented its own peer review medical journal in order to better hype its products; of 29 articles, almost two-thirds referred to Fosamax or Vioxx.

And we're surprised?

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Pharma Researchers Are Finding Innovative Ways to Help Apple Survive without Jobs

by: Idris Mootee

There are a lot of talks about Apple’s future and how Apple can survive without Jobs. Jobs is probably the most hands on CEO in the world (for companies of this size) and I’ve heard many stories from his direct reports how he makes all final decisions even on very small things. I mean small things such as the placement of logo and small design touches.

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Pharma Discovers Social Media

by: Mark Rogers

A good report in Rareplay observes that pharmaceutical companies are using social media in marketing and communications. The piece cites Wyeth’s Knowmenopause resource for women seeking information about the menopause and GSK’s appointment of a social media manager.

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Placebos, Price, and Marketing

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Cosmetic Neurology: Brain-Boosting Drugs

by: Roger Dooley

the next big frontier in pharmaceutical marketing? Blockbuster drugs
seem harder to develop these days, and it’s getting more difficult to
sell minor tweaks to old products as major breakthroughs. It’s even
getting more challenging to talk to physicians, as many of the old
ploys to get face time (expensive meals, honoraria, etc.) are being
These days, it seems, pharma companies have been reduced to trying

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