Getting customer service out of the defence - Futurelab and

Munich, 25th Jan  2019 - Customer Experience is the heartbeat of every business. However, there is still a negative perception around customer service - within businesses and amongst customers alike. Futurelab and have joined forces to change this and to show the value of customer experience.

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Avaya Announces Strategic Partnership with Futurelab

Leading European customer experience consultancy teams up with Avaya to offer businesses enhanced and measurable customer service strategies
Guildford, UK; March 30, 2016: Avaya, a global leader in business communications software, systems and services, has today announced a new strategic relationship with leading customer-centricity specialist, Futurelab, to drive better business outcomes from customer service implementations through closer alignment between strategic business requirements and the technology which supports them.
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Futurelab announces new strategic partnership with Avaya, global leaders in customer contact centre technology

FUTURELAB. Brussels, Belgium: Dec 9, 2015

As Europe's leading customer-centricity specialists, Futurelab is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Avaya, global leaders in customer contact centre technology.

The partnership will combine Futurelab's expertise in the design and development of customer-centric strategies and NPS programmes with Avaya's best-of-breed collaboration and unified communications solutions.  Together, Avaya and Futurelab can offer clients a faster, more seamless transition from strategy and planning through to rollout and delivery.

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Pepsico: from Crisps to “Innovation Incubator”

PepsiCo UK, the company behind famous CPG brands such as Gatorade, 7up or Walkers may not be a high-tech giant as such but it has a knack for joint innovation anyway. The company indeed created an innovation challenge entitled PepsiCo10, the aim of which is to reward 10 digital entrepreneurs in the fields of social commerce and mobile technologies out of 130 applicants.

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Are You a Vendor or a Business Partner?

One of my colleagues just asked me: What’s the difference between a vendor relationship and a true business partnership? This is a vital question when any individual or firm is innovating, because when anyone is doing something truly new, it is impossible to pre-specify everything needed from a vendor — because you are busy creating something never seen before!

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The New Media Onslaught is Making Entrepreneurs out of Creators

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Creative Collison - If Google Bought Adidas 2010

by: Idris Mootee

I received a
lot of emails with questions on the presentation I posted yesterday. They were
mostly asking about how industries converge and how creative destruction
happens. Not a simple question to answer but we all agree that "drawing of lines" between industry
boundaries is becoming ever more difficult (or even possible at all) in today's

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Partnership Pitfalls and Avoiding Murder

by: Roger Dooley

While flipping channels, I ran across an episode of City Confidential,
a show that takes viewers on a trip to an American city while
recounting a murder there. This particular episode involved two
business partners - one was convicted of killing the other. The murder
victim was apparently exceptionally hard working and capable, and was
abandoning the shared business due to the poor performance and lack of
effort on the part of the other owner.

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The Six Lessons of Kiva

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Innovative Companies Must Excel at Partnering

by: John Caddell

There's a fascinating interview at Harvard Business School Working Knowledge with HBS professor Alan MacCormack, covering innovation and how it's moving away from Corporate R&D and into a collaborative web of partnering & alliances. (You can find a working paper on the subject here.)

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