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What Is The Right Organization Design For Your Corporation? And What Test To Use To Know If You've Got The Right One?

Innovation effectiveness is closely linked to organization design. In the past, most organization design objectives were driven by a need to improve efficiency, resource sharing and improving focus. It is not common to see innovation as the core driver or organization design to improve speed, creativity and agility. Many organizations struggle to 1/designing the organization and available options 2/understand the implications of different design option 3/making the decision among different organization design models. So what are the factors that should guide the choice (and criticality) of organization design?

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Look Inside the 'Black Box' of Today's Organization and You'll Understand What's Wrong

by: Idris Mootee

How is an organization born? Is it usually by design? What's inside that black box of an organization? Do we think about how organizations should be organized in the first place .... or we just take any org chart and add titles? How often do people try to invent a new organizational form to fit their needs? Not very common. No wonder why companies can break out of their performance trap.

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