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How IBM Learned To Love Open Technology

When Lou Gerstner first arrived at IBM as CEO in 1993, he brought a gripe with him from his time running American Express, one of Big Blue’s largest customers. As he wrote in his memoir, Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?, it became central to his transformation of the company.

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Patentwiki – An Idea Incubator

I’m working on a concept called, a site where people, communities, and organizations can share and refine concepts prior to patenting and/or copywrite protection. The idea is to create shared ownership by early contributors, supporters and sponsors of innovative processes and ideas. It should also provide a simple structure for non-contributors to license the use of the idea for commercial use with fees going to pay the owners of the patent/licence.

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College Branding in an Open Source Era

At this year’s South by Southwest Interactive, I had a chance to speak with Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education. In her short but insightful book, Kamenetz outlines the forces that are starting to transform higher education in the U.S. and suggests alternative scenarios for what a college education might look like in the future.

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Best Practices from the Front Lines: Thought Leadership with Mark Fidelman

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

Marketing automation has the ability to benefit almost every B2B company and industry, but are there benefits specific to open source companies? In our newest B2B marketing thought leadership interview, Mark Fidelman is the EVP of Sales at MindTouch and author of "Open Source Best Practices 2009" talks about open source success and using marketing automation to achieve it.

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Will Agencies Suffer Death by 1,000 Cuts through Crowdsourcing?

by: John Winsor

I've been excited lately to see that the idea of crowdsourcing has caused such a stir. You know a paradigm is about to shift when lines start getting drawn in the sand. When I was writing about co-creation in Beyond the Brand back in 2003 I couldn’t even imagine how the open source movement would radically change so many businesses.

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Proprietary Platforms are Like Ice Cubes

by: Lynette Webb

I really like this analogy. It touches on an interesting debate too… although I personally agree 100% open always trumps 100% closed in the end, nowadays it’s not always so black and white. Services can be open in some aspects and not others; there are different degrees of open-ness… 

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open source vs open APIs

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Ten Questions with Polly LaBarre

by: Guy Kawasaki

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by: David Armano

I recently Googled the word “Blogsourcing” to see what would come up.  I found this:

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Top 50 People That Matter In Todays Business - You’re Number 1

by: Karl Long

Business 2.0 puts together the list of the top execs, entrepreneurs and innovators who are setting the agenda in business today. Guess what, you’re number 1.

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