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Social Media Tops TV

Could social media ads, or at least ads on Facebook, outperform similar ads on television? It seems the answer is “yes.” That surprising outcome was reported in the same study that showed ads on the social media giant being more emotionally engaging than the same ads on NYTimes.com or Yahoo.com (see Facebook Ads Most Engaging in Neuromarketing Study).
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Is the Couch Potato Back?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. After the great social media boom of the past few years when it seemed like new digital media tools were shifting the American public from a “lean-back” to a “lean-forward” mentality in the way that they interact with content, it looks like the Couch Potato is back.

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The Art of Creating Emotional Attachments to Digital Objects

The argument for or against e-books always seems to boil down to one central issue: e-books can not be touched, bookmarked and lovingly annotated in the same way that real books can (sorry, Kindle). The early adopters will always embrace digital content, on whatever device is offered to them. It's the middle- to late-adopters who need an additional emotional connection to that digital content before they will embrace tablets and e-books. The current approach to "flipping pages" on a tablet is a cute start, of course, but there's more that can be done to create emotional attachments to digital objects.

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