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Niche Marketing Is The Key To Viral Marketing

by: Karl Long

Bobby Hendersons post explaining his Fine Art Taco experiment should be required reading for all marketing, advertising, business people, and bloggers.

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Turning Data Into Dollars: Wal-Mart Said What?

by: John Sviokla

The front page of yesterday's Wall Street Journal reported how Tesco in the UK is beating up on Wal-Mart's Asda chain by using Clubcard data to analyze their customers and create new offerings including providing beer discounts for new fathers who can no longer head to the pub, increase their beer purchases when they pick up the nappies for Junior.

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Half-assed or Future Threat?

by: Jennifer Rice

I read two articles this morning about how Google's new spreadsheet doesn't come close to competing with Microsoft Excel. Jake at GMSV writes,

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