The Role of Branding / Purpose in the Digital Economy

In two articles on HBR the role of branding in the digital economy is discussed.
(Unfortunately behind the HBR paywall)

In this first article Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen argue that in many categories customers now acquire knowledge and competence about a product before purchase. This diminishes the effect of traditional advertising and marketing, where the brand is largely communicated as a function of emotion and preference (“the story”).

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Ganesha, The Mahabharatha and Complexity as a Narrative Device

 In a recent post, Bobulate concludes that "Well-placed complexity has a place. If only to encourage us to think more deeply and globally about simplicity."

En route to that, she quotes this fascinating passage by psychologist Adam Atler:

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Narratives in Games: the Recipes of Alex Kennedy Creator of Echo Bazaar

Guest Post by: Josselin Perrus

Attending the Playful conference in London last in September 2010 I had the chance to meet with Alexis Kennedy, founder of Failbetter Games, the editor of Echo Bazaar, a text game that has received lots of appraisal. He had very enlighting thoughts about how to articulate games and narratives.

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