What Jazz Can Teach Business About Innovation

In a recent episode of Boardwalk Empire, Chalky White’s wife was angry because he took his son to play with Jazz musicians at his nightclub. She feared that it would upset the order of his classical training.

Traditionally, business executives have felt the same way. They would bring in bright young prospects and make them “organization men”—and later women as well—who would work their way up through the system and then indoctrinate the next generation.

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Customer Experience Lessons from The Voice

The third season of the hit series The Voice just ended this week, and I've been sitting on a blog post for my "Customer Experience Lessons... " series since the previous season. For obvious reasons. I started to create my own TV series about The Voice (of the Customer) for the post; that didn't quite work but isn't dead yet! I've rewritten the post three times! Here's what I've ended up with.

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Lady Gaga vs Rihanna. Who Rocks the Most at Social Media?

Guest Post by: Alex Truby

They’re arguably the two biggest stars on the planet and both Lady Gaga and Rihanna have famously made incredibly innovative use of social media to get real commercial advantage. But which is using social media with the greatest effect, and which is most successful at actually engaging her fans?

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Biting and Feeding the Hands That Feed: Audience-Musician Interactions Online

We know that audiences are engaged in all kinds of practices online that change the ways they relate to one another and to the things they’re into. But how does all that affect the people they’re talking about – and sometimes talking to?

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Trends: Music as the Answer to Declining Box Office Numbers

In our Brooklyn Brothers Cultural Brainfood, I was suprised to see the difference between Avatar 3D’s first weekend takings of $27m and Call of Duty’s first day takings of $360m. It's not suprising to see this difference given the price difference between the two. I am assuming Avatar tickets were on sale at $10, so thats 2.7m viewers and Call of Duty were at $49.99, so that’s 7.2m purchasers.

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Engaging Fans through Social Media

Last week I gave a talk at by:Larm, Norway’s premiere music industry conference and festival. I was invited by GramArt, a nonprofit that works to help musicians, to talk about musicians and social media. If you click here you can download a PDF of the slides and notes from my talk.

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How Live Performances Are Changing the Way We Think about Design

The current issue of Wallpaper* magazine - in addition to its feature on the global Design Awards 2011 Winners - has a wonderfully thought-provoking article about the growing popularity of "live performances" in the design world. In short, design is moving from a mysterious, tightly-guarded secret that happens behind closed doors to something that is performed in full public view:

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Social Media from Musicians’ Perspectives

This is how I’ve been describing the research project I’ve been focusing on:

The last decade has brought tremendous changes in the tools and possibilities for musicians and audiences to interact with one another. On one hand, this brings new possibilities as artists can directly mobilize supporters on their behalf.

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New 50-plus Music TV Channel

Vintage TV, a digital television channel aimed at viewers aged 50 and over will launch later this year with music pundit and broadcaster Paul Gambaccini its main presenter.

The Linkedin profile of the company’s CEO says that Vintage TV

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Traditional Media Is Haemorrhaging Its Lead as Music Discovery Platform

I'm emerging briefly from hibernation again, as I'm astonished at how this Myxer report's findings on music discovery are being reported. The research is based on a US sample of people who download mobile entertainment.

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