New MSI Blogger - Esteban Kolsky

It's high time we introduced another author who has been so kind as to join our MSI blog, namely Esteban Kolsky. A seasoned customer strategist and a researcher, Esteban is a promoter of translating statistics and facts into practical solutions.

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New MSI Blogger

Dear readers,
today we'd like to introduce mister Ron Shevlin, the newest addition to our roster of syndicated MSI bloggers. Ron is a veteran marketing consultant, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He's an analyst, a frequent keynote speaker a published author (Snarketing 2.0: The Book) and, of course, a mean blogger.
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Bright Lights Project: MSI

Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry ("MSI") had a great idea last year: let someone from outside the institution literally "live" there for a month, and let the public see the place through her or his eyes. Sour grapes alert: I applied for the job, but found myself among a few thousand others who lost out to a plucky twentysomething who went on to be utterly boring and forgettable.

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Is There a Formula for Word-of-Mouth?

According to the Marketing Science Institute, there may be. They just published a working paper on how companies can encourage the diffusion and adoption of new products by creating positive buzz and avoiding negative one.

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