Multiplayer Experience

With the recent success of so many multiplayer/social games and the emergence of the gamification of services it’s worth thinking about what makes multiplayer gaming so powerful. Games can be applied to anything and in many ways humans often make games where none existed just due to our amazing pattern recognizing abilities. Games and play are an old form of communication almost certainly pre-writing, possibly even pre-language, one could hypothesize that games themselves might be one of the oldest forms of cultural communication (especially when you see animals learning through play).

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The Necessity of Purpose

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

One of the rites of passage in the real world is the summer job, which gives kids a taste of responsibility outside the home, not to mention the fun stuff that can be purchased with paychecks.

Only now that rite has shifted to virtual worlds. It seems that computer-savvy kids are finding work in MMOs and MMORPGs (online games):

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Social Media Extinct-tertainment

by: Gary Hayes

(short LAMP watercooler cross post)

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New Survey on MMO Players

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